Apprentice Levels: Do you have enough hours?

For apprentices who commence training and are members of Local 31 on or after May 1, 2010, the minimum rate shall be:
  • 50% of a journeyperson rate for the first term (your starting rate)
  • 65% of a journeyperson rate for the second term (when you reach 1800 hours)
  • 80% of a journeyperson rate for the third term (when you reach 3600 hours)
  • 90% of a journeyperson rate for the fourth term (when you reach 5400 hours)
Each term is 1800 hours, and can include hours earned for in-school training at the Terrazzo Tile & Marble Trade School.

Hour Request

If you are currently an Apprentice with Local 31 and would like to know if you reached your required hours for your next apprentice level send your request by filling out the form below.

Apprentice Training: Log Books

In order for the Union to ensure proper job-site training, the Union and the Guild initiated the Apprentice Log Books in 2010. Every apprentice, no matter what level, must use these books as a way of recording their daily activities. These books are an easy tool to determine if our apprentices are getting the minimum amount of hours on the tools. As the Collective Agreement states (Article 8: Apprentices and Improvers): (8.9) The minimum amount of hours an apprentice must work on the tools shall be as follows: 1st year apprentice 24 hours/week 2nd year apprentice 28 hours/week 3rd year apprentice 32 hours/week 4th year apprentice Full Time Beginning in the Fall of 2013, in our continued effort to ensure proper training, the Union will begin mandatory collection of these Log Books. On the 15th of every month a company will be chosen at random and all apprentices working under that company must hand over their log books for assessment for the duration of that month. This will continue indefinitely as we feel it is an effective and necessary means of gathering information on job-site training. If you have never received a Log Book, or need a new one please contact the Union office.