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Local 31

Marble, Tile & Terrazzo Local 31:

A local under the Brick and Allied Craft Union of Canada, we have been around for 80 years and still going strong.
We represent the Marble, Tile and Terrazzo trade members in Toronto and surrounding areas. A collective agreement is negotiated every 3 years on their behalf by their representatives and the contractors.

Local 31 has a competitive wage package with medical/dental benefits and pensions and competitive piecework rates for our residential sector with benefits packages and pensions/RRSPs.


Our list of Signatory Contractors is extensive and receive the majority of the work in the Toronto and surrounding areas. We have two sectors we govern, Commercial and Residential (High rise).


Residential (High rise)

Our Companies

Acapulco Pools (Gall Construction)
Amber Tile Terrazzo Inc.
Bertoia Tiles
Caledonia Marble
Calligaro Tile Co. Ltd.
Clifford Interiors Limited
CMC Mauseleum Construction
DC Granite & Marble

Delso Contracting & Ent. Inc.
E.T. Marble & Tile Ltd.
East Tiles Inc.
FT Tiles Company Limited
Gem-Campbell Terrazzo Tile
Gemstar Canada Inc.
GreenLand Construction Co.
Guest Tile In.

Heritage Tiling Ltd.
Custom Flooring
Interactive Tile
J.C. Milne Construction Co. Ltd.
Lancia Tile
Maple Tile & Terrazzo
Metric Tile Ltd.
Moscone Tile Ltd.

New Look Marble
Northwood Carpet & Tile Co. Ltd.
Premier Contractors Ltd.
Richmond Tile & Terrazzo
Sterling Tile & Carpet
Star Tile Inc.
Terrazzo Mosaic Tile Ltd.

Terrazzo Mosaic Tile Ltd.
The Tile Guys Inc.
Toronto Tile & Granite
Tosca Tile
Tosello & Sons Inc.
Village Marble & Tile Inc.
Vision Marble and Tile Inc.
Wellington Carpet & Tile Inc


Residential (high rise) and Commercial


Local 31 has many projects to highlight in the Toronto and surrounding areas.   Check out our most recent projects! 


Commercial Interior 

Design, durability and Elegance



Brand new Website

Brand new Website

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Important Information Regarding your RRSPs: Did you know ? Your Social Insurance Number is connected to your Group RRSP. That means if your SIN has recently changed you need to notify your RBC Branch of your new SIN right away to avoid delayed RRSP deposits. We...

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