Who We Are

Marble, Tile & Terrazzo Local 31:

A local under the Brick and Allied Craft Union of Canada, we have been around for 80 Years and still going strong.
We represent the Marble, Tile and Terrazzo trade members in Toronto and surrounding areas. A Collective Agreement is negotiated every 3 years on their behalf by their representatives and the contractors.

Local 31 has a competitive Wage Package with Medical/Dental Benefits and Pensions and competitive Piecework rates for our Residential sector with Benefits Packages and Pensions/RRSPs.

Elected Representatives:

Buisness Manager: Jack Barbosa

c: 416.676.7036     e: jack@local31.ca

ICI Representative: David Vorich

David was a dedicated member of Local 31 who worked diligently supporting and representing his fellow members in the ICI sector. He passed away suddenly on June 22, 2019. Funeral details can be found here. You can also visit his obituary by following this link.

Sirbu, Stefan

Residential Representative: Stefan Sirbu

c: 416.271.7945     e: stefan@local31.ca

Executive Board:

Robert Roppa | President

Tony Francella | Vice-President

Jack Barbosa | Business Manager / Financial Secretary

David Vorich | ICI Representative / Treasurer

Mike Ashford | ICI Board Representative

Steve Nixon | ICI Board Representative

Stefan Sirbu | Residential Representative / Treasurer

Waldemar Misiak | Residential Board Representative

TBD | Residential Board Representative

Local 31 office staff provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which allow its members to be comfortable when dealing with their individual needs. Local 31 recognizes years of service for all members who have achieved 25, 40, 50 and 60 years of service and honour their achievements at our annual Xmas Party/Awards night held every year in December.

Our Support Staff:

Marisa Sinopoli

Elizabeth Cordeiro